Vintage 2019 - It's a wrap!

The Other Right Wine vintage 2019

Vintage 2019 is done!
It was an exciting but testing vintage with very low crops on one hand and fantastic quality of fruit on the other.
All the juice is nicely settled in barrels, ready for its winter hibernation, and we can’t wait to see how it evolves.
This vintage could have been a lot more challenging without Howie, Andrew and Jimmy who's help and support can't be overestimated. We love you guys!!!! 💗

Another element was the overwhelming spirit of sharing that involved bins, fermenters, trailers and beer.
Gareth, James, Dave you are legends! 🙏 .

Now it's time to light the fire, rest, reflect and wait for the new labels to arrive so we can share the new autumn wines with you all.
Big love,
Alex & Galit

Gang photo by @margieburke333

2018 Spring Wines

The Other Right Spring 2018 Wines

Hello friends!
Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sun wherever you are!
Finally Spring is here after the long cold months and we are emerging from our Winter hibernation together with 5 new wines from Vintage 2018. Thanks for being patient with us! :)

2018 treated us with a smooth vintage, running quite uneventfully, with the possible exception of the Shiraz being picked on a 38 degree day, which was a bit of fun!
It was warmer than the last year, so there is no 9% wines; still, we kept it as low as we could. Other than that, it's the best vintage since last year!
Our spring wine collection includes a Pét-Nat, a Pinot, a Viognier, a Shiraz and a very special, limited edition Field Blend.

As in the last 2 years, all of our grapes are grown by organic farming methods and all of our wines are wild fermented, not filtered, not fined, and have no added preservatives or any additives and are vegan friendly.

Voilà, our 2018 Spring wines!

Goodbye Rootstock!

Rootstock Sydney

It’s impossible to sum up what Rootstock Sydney has been for us, what a push forward it gave to the Australian Natural Wine movement and the whole food&wine industry. Such amazing 5 years of festivals, crazy fun times and so many good memories.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Giorgio De Maria, Mike Bennie and James Hird for your energy, generosity and vision and the many volunteers for your (insanely) hard work.
We will miss Rootstock!!!!

Huge love!!
Alex & Galit xx