Vintage 2016 - Autumn Release

The Other RIght Wines Bright Young Pink

Bright Young PINK 2016

Pink Pét-Nat. PINOT NOIR, Morialta, Adelaide HILLS

Mainly Pinot Noir, with a splash of Chardonnay. Probably the closest to grapefruit campari we've ever gotten.
Guava wedges, strawberry garnish and overall happy fruitfulness with slight spritz. 
No matter how rare sunny days are in your area this time of year, wait for one!

Grown by Mark Whisson

No added SO2 at any stage
70 cases made
$26 - SOLD OUT

The Other Right WInes - Bright Side of Life

Bright Side of Life 2016

Orange Pét-Nat. Viognier, Mt. Torrens

We wanted to see if we can combine two wines we enjoy in one: an orange Viognier and a Pét-Nat. Apparently, we can :)
This one got true grit, as tannin from the grape skins and the bubbles make it really textural and dry.
The usual skin-contact Viognier deliciousness, lush and soft as you put it in your mouth, peachy ginger kind of thing, but count to three and it will give your palate a solid grip. Really playful beast.

Grown by Mike and Margaret Sparrow

No added SO2 at any stage
50 cases made
$28 - SOLD OUT

The Other Right Wines -  UNFURL 2016



We really love this vineyard; grown with so much care - no sprays of any kind and a lot of attention to every vine. The results, naturally, never disappoint. It’s most certainly a Shiraz, and a big, dark one, too, albeit very gently so. 
A great companion for an outdoor adventure, sitting by the fire on a starry night.

Grown by Ernst Sigel

No added SO2 at any stage
75 cases made - SOLD OUT

The Other Right Wines - White Young Thing 2016

Fawn 2016

Chardonnay, Adelaide Hills

We love the journey this little one is going through; The 4th year for Fawn and sure thing is - she's getting more mature. Missed the old-school Chardonnay? So did we. Thankfully, our Fawn turned out that way this year. Stylistically, it’s the 90’s: rich, full, buttery, but still lively and playful. 

No SO2 added at any stage
60 Cases made
$36 - SOLD OUT

The Other Right Wines - Sunshine on my skin


It's a spicy little number full of textural quince, sourdough, black pepper, orange rind and a lick of bergamot - like a sunshine (on your skin) in your glass. Brings a bit of summer into your winter.

Grown by Mike and Margaret Sparrow

No SO2 added at any stage
80 cases made
$33 - SOLD OUT

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- Released May 2nd 2017 - 
All of our wines are wild fermented, free of any additives,
unfiltered, unfined, and have no added sulphites. 
Our grapes are handpicked and as of 2016, all of our fruit is coming
from vineyards which are managed by organic and sustainable farming practices.