Vintage 2014 (2015 Summer Release)

The Other Right Chardonnay 2014

Basket Range Chardonnay 2014

This year was of an exceptional quality for this vineyard, which led us to releasing the special cuvee.
Basket Range Chardonnay is Fawn's big brother; mature, balanced, plush and full of flavour. Creamy, bread n’ butter, layered with green apple and aniseed. Pure luxury.

22 dozen made
$37 - Sold Out


Vine Vale Grenache 2014

Our top Grenache barrel from 2014. Only the best bunches went into this one.
Picked a bit earlier this year to give it a bit more freshness and vibrancy, it's live and opulent. Red cherries, stems and cinnamon laced with long, silky tannin.
Stylish and seductive; like Humphrey Bogart in a trench coat.

31 dozen made
$35 - Sold Out

The Other Right All Fruit Ripe 2014



“Shake the grape tree and grape is there for you an' me”
All Fruits Ripe is a Jamaican expression that means 'Everything is just great!'.

Our Pinot Noir blend is on the ripe side of the Pinot paradigm. Full and juicy, soft and moreish, this one doesn't stand a chance to be drunk slowly.
Has a mystery that we're yet to solve, something very elusive, a flavour or some kind of memory it brings, who knows?

26 dozen made
$27 - Sold Out

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The Other Right Fire Head 2014



Our eccentric Grenache blend. Comes from the same Vine Vale vineyard with the fruit that was picked a bit later. Temperamental; it wears a different face every day.

Generous, but edgy. Fragrant, but sharp. Dark cherries and Chinese spice, chillies and dark chocolate. Another go-figure wine. As you might have noticed, we love and embrace mystery.   

50 dozen made
$26 - Sold Out

All of our wines are hand picked, wild fermented and free of any additives other than minimal sulphur prior to bottling.

The Other Right wines are produced in very small quantities. About a barrel or two of each wine, and are running out FAST. To place an order, please contact us with your order details. 10% off offered on all 12 bottle purchases (mixed cases are most welcome). Free shipping is included for a minimum of 6 bottles anywhere within Australia.

11-02-15 Update - all of Summer Release wines are now sold out.
We can't express enough how thankful we feel for all the love and support!
We just started Vintage 2015 with the goal of growing a little and making more wine for you all (and, lets admit it - us). We plan the first release for Vintage 2015 in the Spring (October 2015). Until than, keep well, drink happily and be good.
Love, Alex & Galit xx