We're happy to present - 2013 wines:

The Other Right - Bright Young Thing 2013


2013 Bright Young Thing

Our first release for 2013 vintage, Bright Young Thing is a beautiful, fresh, beaming nouveau style Grenache. 
As the name and style suggest, this one is young and raw, bottled with a little fizz for extra crispness.  

It's a Here and Now wine. Only 100 bottles were made to enjoy the moment!

$27 - Sold Out

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The Other Right Andy's Chest 2013

2013 Andy's Chest

Pet Nat Grenache

Lou Reed was one of a kind, smart, funny, kick ass musician and an overall cool cat. He passed away while we were bottling our wine.

Andy's Chest is one of our favourite songs and the wine is our humble homage to the legend transformer.
Andy’s Chest is fun wine, easy and delightful, curious and wild.
It finished fermenting in the bottle, in the Pétillant Naturel fashion, and picked up some slight fizz.

It is made to be drunk now, very yum and smashable. A wine for happy celebrations! Promised to get you all giddy!
Here's to your music, Lou.
Best served chilled. 

$25 - Sold Out

The Other Right 2013 Vine Vale Grenache

2013 Vine Vale Grenache 

2013 was a better year for this Barossa Valley vineyard. More serious than Andy’s Chest, bit stemmy, ripe, yet still fresh and drinkable, with liquorice and mint that are refreshingly unusual for this vineyard.
What is usual for this vineyard, however, are dry, almost chewy tannins with dark chocolate finish. Vine Vale at its best!

$33 - Sold Out

The Other Right Fawn Chardonnay 2013

2013 Fawn Chardonnay 

Rich but not over-the-top, very slightly oaked, slightly wild chardonnay. With some aniseed and peach notes and refreshing residual carbonation.
We wouldn’t normally comment on wine’s colour, we’ve seen too many beautiful wines with a weird one, but this one is really nice. It is kinda yellowish green, quite unusual.
Within a long family debate over the name, our daughter suggested to call it Bambi. We thought it was a bit too much. After some negotiation we’ve agreed on Fawn. 

$27 - Sold Out

The Other Right Catch Up Chardonnay 2013

2013 Catch Up Chardonnay

Fawn's fraternal twin brother, that took its time catching up with its funny and flamboyant, early springing sibling. Good things worth waiting.
A bit more serious and focused in life. Spent a bit longer in barrel and reached some maturity and finesse.
It's the streamlined version of the Fawn, taking you from some fresh croissant through a bit of aniseed-stuffed green apple straight to a dry, grapefruit-like finish. 

$27 - Sold Out



All of our wines are vegan friendly, and are free from any additives. Minimum sulphur is added before bottling unless indicated otherwise.

Vintage 2013 wines are now all sold out!
Thank you so much for your support!

We are very grateful to be able to do what we love and get such wonderful response.
Next release is due in Spring 2014.
Talk soon!


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