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The Other Right Wines -  BRIGHT YOUNG THING 2016

Bright Young Thing 2016

Pinot Noir, Adelaide Hills

A wine that emphasises the role of intention. Since we had Pinot to play with this year, rather than the usual Grenache, it wasn’t obvious that we’d be able to recreate the spirit of Bright Young Thing, but here we are - bright, young, vibrant and structural spritzy Pinot; we are happy for the name to stay!
Red(ish) pét-nat.

No added SO2 at any stage
54 cases made
$28 - SOLD OUT

The Other Right Wines - White Young Thing 2016

White young thing 2016

Chardonnay, Adelaide Hills

We  couldn't be happier with how White Young Thing came out this year. We are settling into a style with it: relaxed, cidery grapefruits and bubbles. Simply beautiful.
Pet nats always evolve in the bottle - crunchy and straightforward now, it’ll develop further in a few months. Chill well. 
White(ish) pét-nat. 

No SO2 added at any stage
70 Cases made
$33 - SOLD OUT

The Other Right Wines - Sunshine on my skin


We normally end up with a serious wine or two, despite our best efforts. This time, strangely, it’s an orange wine. Serious and orange rarely appear in the same sentence, but imagine something powerful, strong-willed, but nevertheless refined and really pretty - and you’ll get close.

No SO2 added at any stage
95 cases made
$36 - SOLD OUT

Blindfold 2016

Shiraz. Sellick’s Hill, Mclaren Vale

This year we’ve found an alter-ego to our Unfurl Shiraz. Much lighter than Unfurl, it still has the depth that no winemaking technique can take out of it. A bit carbonic, unexpected, carefree and shameless. The name is also a suggestion on how to enjoy it best.

No SO2 added at any stage
47 cases made
$29 - SOLD OUT

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All of our wines are wild fermented, free of any additives,
unfiltered, unfined, and have no added sulphites. 
Our grapes are handpicked and as of 2016, all of our fruit is coming
from vineyards which are managed by organic and sustainable farming practices.