Vintage 2017 - AUTUMN Release

The Other Right Wines -  UNFURL 2016

fawn 2017

In tune. While retaining the usual Fawn character of green apple on bread and butter, it's even more refined and, equally importantly, slightly oxidative. If you're into your Chardonnay, this one will pull your strings.

Adelaide Hills Chardonnay
Grown by Mark Whisson

50 cases made
$37 - SOLD OUT

The Other RIght Wines Bright Young Pink


We aren't easily moved by Shiraz, but this one is really moving. Vineyard that has never been sprayed with anything, not even copper or sulfur. Dry grown. Cracked soil and struggling vines yield grapes that are very sensitive to picking timing - we think we nailed that this year. Essentially, it is our best understanding of this vineyard. Velvety, juicy goodness. Very lush, pretty big, in the most gentle way. Friendly generosity, purity and peace of mind that will follow you to the bottom of the bottle.

Sellicks Hill Shiraz
Grown by Ernst Sigel

175 Cases made
$28 - SOLD OUT


The Other Right WInes - Bright Side of Life


All Fruits Ripe is a Jamaican expression for 'Everything is just great!' which sums up the vibe of this wine.  Ripe and juicy. Wants it all here and now. A bit like a more wintery and more nuanced version of Away with the Pixies. Like in the past this one doesn't stand a chance to be drunk slowly; really easy going, the closest to vin de soif of all five current wines.

Basket Range, Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir
Grown by Broderick family

75 cases made
$33 - SOLD OUT

The Other Right Wines - White Young Thing 2016


Coming from a vineyard that is meticulously managed to yield grace.
As a result, here comes our first structural Pinot. Finely tuned, all about subtlety. More on the dry herbs, spicy side. Noble-like. Also pretty. A happy place.

Arranmore Vineyard, Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir
Grown by Candice Helbig and Frewin Ries

45 cases made
$36 - SOLD OUT

The Other Right Wines - Sunshine on my skin


Viognier is a grape we can't get enough of. It really knows no rules, and although so far we've only seen 3 or 4 patterns for it, we can never predict which one is coming. This one is a bit like 2015 - strange and harmonious, or, simply put, strangely harmonious. It's like biting into a tangerine as soon as you get back from a swim catching sea buckthorns on a hot summer day. 

Adelaide Hills Viognier
Grown by Mark Whisson

65 cases made
$33 - SOLD OUT

- Released April 30th 2018 - 

All of our fruit is coming from vineyards which are managed by organic and sustainable farming practices, the grapes are handpicked and wild fermented.
The wines are free of any additives, unfiltered, unfined, 
and have no added sulphites.