We're very happy to present - VINTAge 2014

(2015 Spring Release)

The Other Right - Bright Young Thing 2014


Bright Young Thing 2014

Pétillant Naturel Grenache

It's the second year for Bright Young Thing, and as in 2013, it's a beautiful, fresh, beaming Grenache; young and raw.

It's actually 2 wines in one bottle - first it's a fresh Nouveau style with a little bit of fizz, but if let gone flat, then the vineyard character stands out and all of a sudden it looks like a Barossa Grenache (which it is), quite a change.

- Preservative Free.

$26 - Sold Out

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The Other Right White Young Thing 2014

White Young Thing 2014

Pétillant Naturel Chardonnay

Our first white Pet Nat, something we've been keen to make for a while - now it finally happens! Very pure, it's got quite a bit of fruit, but has also some biscuity action going on. It's a Chardonnay, same vineyard as the Fawn, but picked 2 weeks earlier hence this amazing acid line. 

It has a slight drinkability issue - Gone in 60 seconds, so to speak. 

- Preservative Free.

$29 - Sold Out

The Other Right Fawn 2014

Fawn 2014 

Chardonnay from Adelaide Hills

Last year our daughter thought it would be a good idea to call a wine 'Bambi', we agreed on 'Fawn', which represents youthfulness. This year, we still had to defend Fawn from Bambi, but got away by sweetening the deal with a girl on the label.

Firmer structure than 2013, but still warm and fuzzy, and most importantly, playful and immature; Fawn as we know it. Enjoys both the world of rich fruit and the world of yeasty pastry. Lots of aniseed  - one of our favourite traits of this vineyard. Finishes with some grapefruit pith that hangs around for ages.

$27 - Sold Out

The Other Right Unfurl 2014

Unfurl 2014

Shiraz from Sellicks Hill

A new vineyard for us, completely wild, dry-grown by Ernst Sigel - a retired baker who doesn't believe in chemicals. We, on the other hand, believe in Ernest Sigel.

A classic example of a humble beginning. Somewhat restrained in the barrel, but once bottled, the hidden qualities unfurl.

Plush and juicy, almost Grenache-cherry-like, with only the spice to give the variety away. A few whole bunches thrown in during fermentation contributed to its slight stemminess. Not massive in any way, finishes smooth and rather savoury.

$27 - Sold Out

All of our wines are hand picked, wild fermented and free of any additives other than minimum sulphur prior to bottling in Unfurl and Fawn.

The Other Right wines are produced in very small quantities. About a barrel or two of each wine, and are running out FAST. To place an order, please contact us with your order details. 10% off offered on all 12 bottle purchases (mixed cases are most welcome). Free shipping is included for a minimum of 6 bottles anywhere within Australia
25-11-14 Update - Spring Release wines are now sold out.
Thank you so much all of you who had a part of enjoying them with us!
Summer Release is due in January 2015. Stay tuned :)