Vintage 2018 - Autumn Release

The Other Right Bright Young Pink 2018


Our first year working with grapes from Magpie Springs Chardonnay. Spritzy, on the low-fizz pét-nat side. Been on lees for a year, so getting yeasty, but still quite apple-like crunchy.

Grown by Steve Thomas, Willunga Hill

170 dozen made

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FAWN 2018

Sadly, our last vintage with Morialta vineyard, as it's changed hands and the new owners don't think as highly of organic viticulture as we do.

2018, however, did not disappoint. Slick and pure. Sightly oxidative. Quite powerful, actually. Will probably go far over the years, but is really irresistible now. The choice is yours.

Aged sous voile in old wood for 9 months.

Grown by Mark Whisson, Norton Summit

88 dozen made
$37 - SOLD OUT

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The Other RIght Wines Away with the Pixies 2018


Yet another year we were lucky enough to get our hands on some of the Broderick family Pinot Noir. Generous and giving, it sports a very strong vineyard character. In other words, it looks a lot like last year's All Fruits Ripe, packed with flavours strong and subtle alike.

Grown by Broderick family, Basket Range

75 dozen made
$34 - SOLD OUT

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The Other Right Wines - Ernst 2o18


Arranmore is the first vineyard among those we work with to become certified organic as of early 2019. Is it really exciting for us and we look forward to more vineyards to follow.
If All Fruits Ripe is about uncontrolled, slightly silly joy, this one is quite restrained, pure and precise. Spot on kinda Pinot Noir, very bright, lean flavour, all about structure. Don't forget to bring your serious Pinot face along.

Grown by Candice Helbig and Frewin Ries
Carey Gully, Adelaide Hills

50 dozen made
$34 - SOLD OUT

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The Other Right Wines -  Moonshine 2018

Sunshine On My Skin 2018

Orange, cloudy fun Viognier from Mt. Torrens, just like the other Viogniers of ours, really, fun and games. Bergamot and apricot, with that really sinewy structure.

Grown by Mark Whisson, Mount Torrens

160 dozen made
$33 - SOLD OUT

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The Other Right WInes - Love Potion 2018


Another impressive year from Ernst's magical vineyard. It is amazing how far an ethos can go. Grown the way it is (no sprays of any king and no irrigation either), it's not an easy task, but the result is very rewarding.
Presence, rather than power. Velvety, plush and dark. Really opens up the second day, becoming even more opulent and juicy.

Grown by Ernst Sigel, Sellicks Hill

160 dozen made
$29 - SOLD OUT

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- Released May 3rd 2019 - 

All of our fruit is coming from vineyards which are managed by organic farming practices, and is wild fermented. Our wines are free of any additives or preservatives, unfiltered and unfined.