Vintage 2018 - SPRING Release

The Other Right Bright Young Pink 2018

Bright Young Pink 2018

Pink(ish) pét-nat.
A tizzy, slightly fizzy Pinot.
Has its own definition of Pink.

100 cases made
$33 - SOLD OUT

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The Other Right Wines -  Moonshine 2018

Moonshine 2018

Round and almost slick orange Viognier. Shines bright like the moon.

Grown by Margaret and Mike Sparrow in Mount Torrens

84 cases made
$34 - SOLD OUT

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The Other RIght Wines Away with the Pixies 2018

Away with the Pixies

Some supernatural force has created those Pixies.
Soft, smooth but cheeky. A witching Pinot Noir.

Grown by Candice Helbig and Frewin Ries
Arranmore Vineyard, Adelaide Hills

75 Cases made
$34 - SOLD OUT

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The Other Right WInes - Love Potion 2018

Love Potion 2018

It’s ok to drink red wine in the summer!
Slightly carbonic Shiraz, light and happy.

Grown by Ernst Sigel in Sellicks Hill

130 cases made
$29 - SOLD OUT

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The Other Right Wines - Ernst 2o18

The Importance of being Ernst 2018

Once all of the shiraz was picked, Ernst showed up at our shed with half-tonne of assorted grapes from his vine collection and asked if we could make a wine for him. We were hardly surprised when the wine turned out to be one of the best barrels in the cellar. As a result, it got bottled separately, as a true field blend: co-grown, co-picked, co-fermented Shiraz, Riesling, Cabernet, Grenache, white and red Frontignac, Viognier and Sultanas.
Label design by our 10 year old.

Grown by Ernst Sigel in Sellicks Hill

Limited edition of 23 cases made
$36 - SOLD OUT

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- Released November 7th 2018 - 

All of our fruit is coming from vineyards which are managed by organic farming practices, and is wild fermented. Our wines are free of any additives, unfiltered, unfined, 
and have no added sulphites.