New wines!

Hello friends!

Hope you are all well and had a great Easter break!
Another change of seasons and another wine release is ready to be brought out to the world!

Vintage 2016 is done and dusted, and the wines look happy in their barrels. 
This vintage brought a bit of evolution for us; last year we decided to source all of our fruit from growers that follow organic principles, and, indeed, we’ve made it happen. Not an easy decision as it made us part ways with a few vineyards we loved and enjoyed working with for a long time, and once again, search for new fruit.
Having said that, we are very happy with the way things turned out and with the dialog this decision brought both between ourselves and with our growers. We are most confident that this move will yield a superior wine.

Back to the current release; 5 new wines, more wines without added sulphur which is something we’re very passionate about; those wines are exciting, alive and wonderfully untamed. 
We have a new addition to our grapes "portfolio": Viognier. We've been keen on making Viognier for a while, but it was only in 2015 when the stars finally aligned. And the wait was worth it.

Last but not least, we would like to use the opportunity to thank James Erskine of Jauma for his invaluable support, inspiration, and general friendship. Cheers geezer!  [🙏]

Have a look at the new wines HERE and also, please check out our Events page - we will be around Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in the next couple of months. Do come and say Hi and have a  taste!

Alex & Galit xoxo